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Shop Creative & Personalized Nail Stickers | Step By Step JP
Who  am  I?

Hi, my name is Virginie and I am the creator of Creative Nail stickers.

Born and raised in France, I studied drawing and arts since my very young age.

I had been impressed with Monet's Japanism series and this is what started my love with Japan.

Today I am living in Japan with my Japanese husband and lovely little girl.

Discovering nail art in Japan I decided to mix it with my drawings to create my owns designs.

Discover my last designs

​Creative Nail Sticker Shop from Japan

Thanks to a new technology allowing to directly print nail stickers, you can directly and easily applied customs hand made nail stickers.

If you cannot find any design that fits you, you can just send me you own design or pictures and I will create your own personalized nail stickers.

Shop Creative & Personalized Nail Stickers | Step By Step JP
Nail Supplies
First time doing stickers...

Do not worry, with every order you will receive an illustrated manual and a basic set of tools to always get the best results from your stickers!

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