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​STEP BY STEP's services

​STEP BY STEP provide several consulting services and can give a personal help and guidance for each customer who want to use those services.

- short term stay:

                         ~recommandation of share house, room

                         ~research for the customer

                         ~help for visit and translation

- long term stay:

                        ~help in research of apartment

                        ~research instead of the customer

                        ~help in the real estate agency

​                        ~help in visiting apartement


-help with administration papers

-direct translation by phone or Skype 

​-indirect translation by e-mail


- help for opening gas, electricity, water

- help for internet contract

- help for phone contract


- spouse visa:

                 ~papers listing

                 ~consulting and help for visa needed papers.

                 ~accompanying at immigration office (help and support)

- student visa:

                ~consulting and help for visa needed papers

                ~help to find language school, university or vocational school

                ~accompanying at immigration office (help and support)

​-working visa:

                ~consulting and help to find a company.

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